Help OLLI on the Pitt Day of Giving!

Dear Members,

Can we do it again?  We are writing to ask for your support once again for the Pitt Day of Giving on Tuesday, February 25, 2020.  It's next week!

Last year, thanks to your generous donations, OLLI won the prize for the most unique individual donors. Over 460 individuals donated $13,500 toward the OLLI program and the University gave us an additional $25,000 prize because of it.  We've used those funds to focus our outreach activities toward building a more diverse OLLI membership, bringing lifelong learning opportunities to communities that might not otherwise have them, and providing increased number of scholarships to members who need some assistance to join.

When Osher won the prize last year, people really took notice, all the way up to the Chancellor's office.  The goodwill you created on campus for the OLLI program at Pitt because of your actions is immeasurable!

Can we win again this year?  We would love to continue the efforts we started.  Other University units don't think we can do this again and are planning to beat us.  We hope everyone will help by making a donation for the Day of Giving.


  1. Make an online donation today through midnight. Click here for the online giving page for the Osher program
  2. Write a check and bring it to the office by 2 pm Tuesday so we can submit the checks for the official tally. Make checks payable to: University of Pittsburgh and write "Osher" in the memo line.
  3. If you represent a couple, instead of one donation, make a donation for each person (remember size of gift doesn't matter as much as the number of unique individuals who are donating)
  4. Ask a friend or neighbor to donate!  It's the thought that counts, not how much a person can donate.  A $5 - $10 check or online donation helps us to win the prize!!

Thank you in advance for your support.  I truly hope we can do this and show the university community how important it is to have our program on campus now and in the future.  We are Osher!  Let's do this!

With gratitude,

Sharon Gretz

Director, OLLI at Pitt